5 Celebrities Who Use Steroids To Achieve Their Hot Bods

If you have spent any amount of time inside of a gym, then you have heard plenty about protein, rest periods between sets and, of course, steroids. If you have yet to try them for yourself, some people find it a little comforting to know that some of their favorite celebrities also use steroids for that extra boost. If you are on the fence about giving steroids a try or if you are just curious who uses them in Hollywood… read on to find out!

Dwayne ¨The Rock¨ Johnson

It is not secret that the thought of steroids is something that crosses their minds when they think of Dwayne Johnson. I mean, after all, the dude is RIPPED. While Johnson admits that he and a few football friends tried steroids in school, he quickly realized that they were not for him. After learning the negative effects that they can have on your health… he quit and has been training clean ever since. At least, according to Dwayne.


Timbaland was known for making sick beats in the 90´s… and for being a little chubby. While many stars still turn to Timbaland for tracks, he has changed a lot since the 90´s were here. He was openly found to be using steroids to change his body and really transform himself from that ¨chubby rapper¨ to that ¨swole rapper.¨ I mean which would you rather be?

Dr. Dre

Long thought to be using steroids, Dr. Dre was actually a part of an investigation in New York over a doctor said to be giving out steroids illegally to patients. The scandal also involved names like Mary J. Blige and many other unexpected Hollywood stars. He was scary in NWA… but with all that muscle… he is a little bit scarier older - if that is even possible.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry may be the last name that you expected to see on our list. However, Oprah´s BFF did not go on steroids for the reason that most men do. Tyler appears to have gone on them to speed up the weight loss process. In fact, even stars like Britney Spears admit to using steroids to help them get back into stage-ready shape when they need to get fit and fast. One thing is for sure… Tyler looks great!

50 Cent

Let´s just be real. It has looked like 50 has been on steroids since his first album cover. He was also named in the same investigation as Timbaland and Dr. Dre. So it is pretty safe to say that the steroid rumors as far as 50 goes are true.

While no one can tell you if steroids are right for you are not except your own good judgement or a proper doctor, it is nice to know that they are generally safe when taken as directed. This is considering that you do not have any underlying heart, liver or kidney issues that may contradict with a course of steroids. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all.