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On May 19th the much-publicized movie The Da Vinci Code will open nationwide and people will undoubtedly flock to movie theaters to see what all the hype is about. But before you go, don’t miss reading Bishop Galeone’s column in this issue where he addresses some of the more salient points that have critics talking. On page eight, Father Joe Krupp also addresses the fictional movie and book with some basic information on how to review the film and place its message in context.

And if that isn’t enough – the U.S. Bishops’ Catholic Communications Campaign (CCC) has launched a website to dispel misinformation on the subject. A link to the Jesus Decoded site can be found on the homepage of the diocesan website: The bishop’s site is full of authentic teaching about Jesus Christ, Leonardo Da Vinci, plus photos and stories to fill you in. There is also commentary by Father John Wauck, an Opus Dei priest who provides the facts about his community.

In May, the CCC will release a new DVD documentary, Jesus Decoded (the Catholic Truth Versus Modern Fiction). The DVD is scheduled to air on NBC affiliated stations beginning May 20. I checked with WTLV-Channel 12 in Jacksonville and they have no plans to air the documentary even though they are listed as such on the Jesus Decoded website. Perhaps a little public persuasion will change their minds! But you can purchase the DVD, which was shot on location in Israel, Turkey and Italy, and includes interviews with international scholars versed in art, history and Scripture who help separate Catholic truth from popular fiction. The program is now available for purchase through the U.S. Bishops’ Publishing Office for $19.95. There is also a booklet “The Authentic Jesus,” $2.50. Phone orders call (800) 235-8722 or order online on the Jesus Decoded website.

The fact that a book and movie such as The Da Vinci Code has had such an affect on Catholics (and non-Catholics alike) brings me to the theme of this issue of the magazine – faith formation. The entertainment industry has produced films and television programs for years that frequently portray the Catholic Church in an unrealistic and unflatteringly light. But how many of us know our faith well enough to dispel the myths and misconceptions our non-Catholic friends and co-workers have about the Catholic Church?

In 1999, the U.S. Bishops called on Catholics to a renewed commitment to adult faith formation. They are encouraging adult Catholics to commit themselves to a lifelong journey of understanding their faith, proclaiming their faith and living their faith. Read about how two parishes in our diocese are reaching out to adults to help them with their lifelong faith formation.

Our cover story addresses Catholic schools by taking a look at its long history in this country. The article explains why Catholic schools were established and how they are trying to fulfill their mission today – a mission that all of us have a responsibility to help achieve.

Meet the candidates for deacon ordination. The class of 2006 represents the first class of men who will be ordained to the permanent diaconate on June 3 at St. Joseph Parish in Jacksonville beginning at 10:30 a.m. Read their mini-profiles and pray for them as they prepare for service to the people of the diocese.

– Kathleen Bagg-Morgan, editor

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