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Readers Respond

In February 2006, Bishop Victor Galeone decided to mail the St. Augustine Catholic magazine to the homes of every registered Catholic in the diocese. In addition, the magazine increased its frequency from six issues a year to 10.

Just before Thanksgiving, a Readership Survey was mailed to the homes of 3,000 randomly selected readers, to seek their input on how we are doing! Well 332 or 11% of you returned the survey with your comments and suggestions.>
Overall, readers report they feel we are doing a very good job and they appreciate receiving the magazine in their homes each month.

• More than 96% of the readers who responded to the survey read or looked at the magazine in the last nine months.

• 61% of the readers surveyed said they refer to the magazine more than once during the month.

• 36% of our readers report they had never seen the magazine prior to it being mailed to their home.

• There are mostly 1-2 readers per household and they spend mostly 15 minutes to one hour reading each issue.

• More than 90% of the readers who responded said they found the magazine very interesting and very attractive.

• More than 90% said they found the magazine’s length and content exactly right or about right.

• Most agreed strongly that reading the magazine makes them feel more connected to their Catholic faith, it has improved their understanding of the mission and teachings of the church, and it has increased their awareness of ministries and services provided by their parish and diocese.

• Most of our readers report subscribing to a newspaper and other magazine, and about 38% of our readers who responded said they subscribe to other religious publications.

While most of our readers report reading the magazine cover-to-cover, they did rank their favorite features - commenting that they are most interested in news of the diocese, features related to ethics and personal morality, contemporary issues and items related to prayer, sacraments and spiritual growth. Their favorite features in order are:

1. Bishop’s Message
2. Saint of the Month
3. In the Know with Father Joe
4. Cover story
5. Feature story
6. Around the Diocese

The result of the survey was shared with the priests of the diocese. It was agreed that the magazine continues to serve as an effective tool for adult faith formation and evangelization. We hope you continue to read the magazine each month and share it with other family members, friends and even co-workers. We also ask that you help us control the cost of mailing the magazine by calling our offices, (904) 262-3200, ext. 108, if you are receiving duplicate copies.

– Kathleen Bagg-Morgan, editor