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I am a single parent. What’s the best way to manage my money?

Layoffs. High unemployment rates. Everywhere you turn, money – or lack of it – is in the news. What are some steps you can take to maximize what you have and plan for the future?

Today’s financial picture is pretty dim. And if you are a single parent, it can look even darker. You are the only breadwinner, the only care-giver for your children, the only housekeeper and maintenance person. What can you do to keep the financial situation as stable as possible?

• Watch your expenses.  can you go to the library instead of the book store? Can you join a grocery club for cheaper food costs?
• When you head for the supermarket, bring a list and stick to it. Avoid impulse purchases that run up the bill.
• See if your children’s school has a latchkey program to cut childcare costs. Find out if other parents can share baby-sitting resources and costs.
• Find out if you qualify for tax breaks. Single heads of household can get more deductions!

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