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Considering retirement?

With foreclosures still looming, and high levels of unemployment, it doesn’t seem like you’d be able to save a dime. But that doesn’t have to be you! We asked senior financial consultant Chris Millio for some common-sense tips to ride out the financial storm.

 So you’re considering retirement? If you are, this is a great time to be reading this article. There are some helpful pieces of information that can  get you away from the desk and out on the beach.

• Certain assets have age requirements to access them without penalties. For any age, find out the specifics of how the rules apply to you.
• Be aware that pension benefits require an election of how to receive payments with survivor options. You should talk with your spouse about the options – think about how much your spouse will have to live on.
• Another big issue is Social Security benefits. Social Security income varies depending on when you elect to receive your benefits versus your normal retirement age – which varies according to your birth date. Another important thing to note – between age 62 and normal retirement age, your benefits might be reduced if you decide to keep working. Check with a financial advisor or the Social Security Administration to make sure you are not inadvertently penalizing yourself.
    Happy retirement!

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