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The nest egg

Whether it’s in your wallet, it’s nearly always on your mind. Money – and how to manage it – is a topic many of us wrestle with daily. We turned to Ted Zale, a veteran financial adviser, for some practical advice. Here’s a tip that can help you today:

 Whether you want to travel, build a dream home or just live comfortably, chances are you’ve got big plans for retirement. It’s never too early to start squirreling away the cash to make them a reality. The easiest way is to invest in your employer’s 401K plan. These are tax-deferred investments, meaning the money goes in to the account and builds without being taxed. Many companies offer to match their workers’ contributions up to a certain amount. Invest enough of your pay to maximize the company match, says Zale. If you’re self-employed or your employer doesn’t offer a 401K savings program, then consider an Individual Retirement Account or IRA. It’s the same idea and you can choose between a traditional IRA, which grows tax free or a Roth IRA, which is taxed up front, allowing the investor to enjoy all the full fruits of the investment when it’s withdrawn.

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